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Published by Jamie on February 27, 2014 Nintendo To Discontinue Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service

Nintendo have today announced that the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, which powers the online play functionality of the Nintendo DS, DSi and Wii, will be discontinued on May 20th, 2014. Continue reading »

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Published by Jamie on January 30, 2014 Nintendo Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Results Briefing Report

Despite having some interesting and noteworthy titles coming out in 2014, there have been numerous reports that Nintendo are reporting significant losses, as well as experiencing issues in selling the WiiU to consumers. This was a recurring theme in Nintendo’s end of financial year report, in which CEO Satoru Iwata revealed quite a few tidbits of the company’s future. Continue reading »

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Published by Donald on October 2, 2013 SuperZeldaSmashWright: Nintendo Direct Recap

Nintendo IwataIn stark contrast to recent Nintendo Directs, which focussed on one or two titles, last night’s Nintendo Direct went broad, providing updates on 12 upcoming titles for the Wii U and 3DS.

To begin, Nintnedo President Satoru Iwata unveiled a new Super Mario 3D World trailer, which showed off a variety of new suits and items, including the Cherry, which creates duplicates of your character, and a portable Piranha Plant to take out enemies. For full effect, check out the trailer below. The game will be released in Europe on November 29. Continue reading »

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Published by Jamie on September 19, 2013 Hiroshi Yamamuchi Passes Away At 85 Years Old

The man most credited with making Nintendo the juggernaut that it is today, Hiroshi Yamamuchi, has passed away today, due to complications with pnuemonia, Nikkei reports. He was 85 years old. Continue reading »

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Video published on August 12, 2013 NG+ Preview – Pikmin 3

NG+ Preview - Pikmin 3 thumbnail

Matt recently got his hands on Pikmin 3 at PAX Australia and he gives us his thoughts on this next installment in the Nintendo franchise.

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Published by Matt on July 10, 2013 UPDATED: Super Smash Bros Melee streaming at EVO 2013


UPDATE: In breaking news, Nintendo of America have permitted Super Smash Bros. Melee to go ahead as part of the original streaming schedule. People tuning into the EVO 2013 stream around the world will be able to experience high level Smash play spanning over hundreds of players between July 12th – 14th.

Amended SRK post can be found here.

Continue reading »

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Published by Matt on May 17, 2013 WiiU Focused Nintendo Direct Broadcasting Tonight


To counter-act the “WiiU has no games” argument, Nintendo seeks to remedy this by hosting a new Nintendo Direct broadcast to elaborate on and perhaps even announce some new titles for 2013.

“But Matt, when will this happen?” you ask. It’s much closer than you think! This upcoming Nintendo Direct will commence tonight. The notice given may have been little, but Nintendo are prone to drawing a crowd, not to mention that the time frame between now and showtime adds an element of excitement.

Continue reading »

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Published by Jamie on May 4, 2013 Opinion – Nintendo Digitally Direct

Iwata_headFive years ago, I couldn’t seriously picture myself engaging in as many digitally distributed games as I do now. They were all stupidly expensive, had no real benefit over the physical version and took way too long to download. Nowadays? They’re still expensive, but it’s become a more accepted method of acquiring video games, thanks to advances in internet speeds and cheaper, higher capacity hard-drives. But the more important point to factor in is that we’ve had that adjustment period, and now it’s not only just an accepted method of acquiring video games, but in some cases, it’s the norm.

But Nintendo’s sudden method to get people into switching over to digital distribution isn’t the best way to encourage this. Continue reading »

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Published by Jamie on April 18, 2013 Nintendo Direct – 18/4/13 Report

After two months of being rather quiet, Nintendo held yet another one of their Nintendo Direct broadcasts – dedicated mostly to more 3DS announcements, yet with some good nuggets of news for WiiU owners. Last time, Nintendo head Satoru Iwata declared 2013 to be the Year of Luigi, announcing Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros, the New Super Luigi DLC for New Super Mario Bros U and in non-Luigi news, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. This time? Just as many big announcements. Continue reading »

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Published by Donald on November 30, 2012 Opinion – The Little Console That Could (But Ultimately Didn’t)

With the Wii U upon us, it’s time we bid farewell to its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii. It won’t be remembered as fondly as previous Nintendo consoles; you won’t have people dragging their Wiis out like they do their Gamecubes or SNESes. On the contrary, it’ll be marked by certain corners of the community as Nintendo’s abandonment of the Core Gamers. For many others, it will be remembered as ‘the thing that plays Wii Sports’ or ‘the Super Smash Bros. box’

This wouldn’t be the case if things had been done differently. Continue reading »

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