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Published by on April 30, 2013 Opinion – The Not So Ugly Side Of Transmedia

Transmedia can be an easy target. After all, there are so many terrible book and film adaptations in video games, and developers often have recourse to use cutscenes to tell the story, which highlights the difficulties of delivering a narrative in-game; Max Payne 3 received a lot of criticism for delivering a narrative too dependent on cutscenes. One alternative seems to be to hide the backstory within audio logs or embedded content, or especially transmedia publications that substitute for genuine in-game world-building. This use of transmedia for world-building could be a sign of even more desperation than extensive cutscenes. If this interferes with the player’s enjoyment of the game, and the in-game narrative feels empty or slimmer as a result, this is certainly a problem.

However, with the right amount of world-building in the game itself and a well-crafted transmedia product as a balance, it is possible for publishers to present the mythology of a franchise across different media. Continue reading »

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Published by Jason on July 25, 2012 Firemint, Iron Monkey Merge Into Firemonkeys

EA Australia’s two big Melbourne studios, Iron Monkey and Firemint, have recently merged their operations to become the Firemonkeys. The two studios already shared offices, with the Firemint team moving to the St Kilda Road building that housed Iron Monkey not long after their acquisition from EA, so one could argue that such a step was long since on the cards. Continue reading »

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Published by Jamie Galea on June 5, 2012 Beyond The Disc – EA @ E3 2012

For one of the largest publishers in the world, you’d always think that EA would go large – getting crazy guests to host their E3 shows, get the hottest of bands to tie into their upcoming works and play at the conference, and drop plenty of bombs. And yet, they never do. Their events are always pretty low key and very straight forward – and their 2012 showing was no different. Even after knowing everything that was going to be shown in advance, and one pretty damned huge surprise later, it remained a good showing. Continue reading »

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