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Published by Matt Batten on February 7, 2014 Call of Duty Dev Cycle Shifts To 3 Years

61329Following Activision’s investor earnings call, the publishing behemoth revealed today that their flagship shooter franchise Call of Duty will undergo a three-year development cycle spanning multiple development teams.

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Published by Matt Batten on May 2, 2013 Call of Duty: Ghosts teased!

Call of Duty: Ghosts

In groundbreaking news that would read -3.0 on the Richter Scale, Activision are now beginning to reveal the next generation of their long running shooter franchise with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Hit the jump to watch the slightly perplexing teaser that was just released!

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Published by Jamie Galea on July 15, 2012 Activision Announce Deadpool Game

Ahh yes, Deadpool – Merc with a Mouth, got completely butchered in that one X-Men film (and subsequent game), voiced by Nolan North in just about every animation/game project out there, complete and utter annihilator of that thing we call the fourth wall…what’s not to love about him? But it comes as a surprise that despite how popular the character is, there hasn’t been a game based around him yet. But fear not! For Activision have you covered with the announcement of a Deadpool video game. Continue reading »

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Published by Jamie Galea on June 15, 2012 Neversoft Officially A Call of Duty Developer

Ever since the ‘final’ Guitar Hero game was released back in 2010, and Activision practically either killed off or let go of its music game developers (such as DJ Hero devs Freestyle Games, who are working on new things!), the fate of Neversoft wasn’t exactly made clear. There were rumours that what was left of Neversoft following the development of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, were working on a new Call of Duty game, but Activision were keeping mum on it. Now, it turns out they’re the next developer working on a COD game. Continue reading »

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Published by Assimilator on June 7, 2012 COD BLOPS 2 – Behind the Scenes

As the resident NG+ COD regular, I feel it’s my Duty to bring everyone up  to speed on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. From all the footage released at E3,  we have been shown a large amount of game play, as well as cinematic sequences boasting a mammoth storyline. But can it really live up to the original Black ops? Lets take a look shall we..

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