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Video published on August 19, 2014 New Game Plus – S03E29

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This week on New Game Plus, we get cut to pieces by a scarfed ninja in Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, beaten by a leather-clad woman with a review of the Japanese film R100, and fall victim to hooded conspirers with a new Planeswalker Plus. We also look back at The Lord of the Rings games with Old Game Plus. All this, plus more, on Episode 113 of New Game Plus!

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Video published on August 15, 2014 New Game Plus – S03E28

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This week on New Game Plus we play with far-flung alien guns in Wildstar, look to the weapons of tomorrow with the Destiny beta and shoot with modern technology in Breach & Clear. We also visit HeroesCon and interview Matt Fraction and Jeff Smith. All this, plus more, on Episode 112 of New Game Plus

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Published by Jamie on August 13, 2014 EA/Bioware Announce Shadow Realms

Shadow Realms logoAfter weeks of teases, Bioware’s latest project has finally been unveiled: An online action RPG known as Shadow Realms. The game, announced during EA’s Gamescom press conference, is a 4 vs 1 online action RPG that’s heavily story driven.

The setup is that each encounter sees you make a number of key decisions which alter the course of the story as you take control of one of four heroes drawn into a centuries old conflict against the “Shadow Legions”, with the other player taking control of the Shadowlord, who controls the Shadow Legions and can alter the environment to their whim.  Aesthetically, the game attempts to bring fantasy tropes in a more contemporary setting, allowing players to battle in Paris with machine gun wizards. In addition, the game will also be presented in an episodic model, each coming with their own new characters and choices and cliffhangers. Continue reading »

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Published by Donald on August 13, 2014 Six Stories From Gamescom

Gamescom logoGamescom is Europe’s largest gaming convention, and sits alongside E3 and Tokyo Game Show as a vehicle for  major announcements. This year’s Gamescom is no exception, with several stories coming out of Microsoft’s and Sony’s press events.

Here are the highlights from last night’s proceedings. Continue reading »

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Published by Donald on August 7, 2014 Twitch Implements Audio Recognition, Changes to VODs

Twitch logoThe streaming service Twitch has announced a number of changes to its service, most notably implementing audio-recognition controls onto Past Broadcasts and Highlights videos stored on its site.

Twitch will now scan archived videos using the third-party service Audible Magic for any piece of audio that is controlled by Audible Magic clients — this includes in-game and ambient music. If it detects any deemed copyright breach in a 30 minute block of video, Twitch will mute that entire half-hour.

These audio controls will not be implemented into live streams. Continue reading »

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