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Published by Liam Merrick on November 9, 2014 400 And Counting: Week Four (The Post PAX Blues)

This week was all about PAX Australia: The preparation, attendance and the recovery from the dreaded but not unexpected conflu. This year’s PAX was a different experience to last year’s. Back then, I took care of the show’s coverage, so lots of interviews, first impressions and indie coverage. This year I did some of that as well but I also filmed a number of Magic: The Gathering events. Last year I had time to draft, this year I certainly did not.

PAX was busy, frantic, stressful, exciting, joyful and fun. PAX was a lot of things, but it wasn’t great for watching movies. I managed a grand total of three films this week and only one of them was on the SBS On Demand service. On the plus side, all three films were interesting, engaging and vastly different. Continue reading »

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Published by Jamie Galea on November 7, 2014 Ubisoft Pulls Support for Steam

UbisoftIn a somewhat surprising development, Ubisoft have today pulled their three major holiday releases from PC digitial distribution platform Steam, and have raised further questions about their continued support on the platform. Continue reading »

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Published by Donald Duong on November 6, 2014 Hyah! Etc.: Nintendo Direct 6/11/2014

Nintendo Direct Majora's MaskThe Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D.

Yup, Majora’s Mask. 3D.

Amidst a Nintendo Direct focussing on 2015, featuring a whole mess of 2015 details,  a cavalcade of indie titles and the first appearance of Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata since his hospitalisation earlier this year, it was the above seven words that caused the biggest celebration. Continue reading »

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Published by Liam Merrick on November 4, 2014 400 And Counting: Week Three (Time With The Family)

Once more I ride the wave of SBS On Demand movies. Last week I managed a measly five films, far beyond my required seven-point-something films I’m supposed to watch each week. I haven’t hit seven films this week, but I’m doing better than last week, so that’s something.

Don’t judge me! Continue reading »

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Video published on November 4, 2014 New Game Plus – S03E39

New Game Plus - S03E39 thumbnail

This week on New Game Plus, we witness the rise of Handsome Jack in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the peak of mid-00s zombies with The Evil Within, and the fall of a clearly-untouched soccer player in FIFA 15. We also take a look back at the last 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog! All this, plus more, on Episode 123 of New Game Plus

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