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Twitch Live Stream

Join us on our various live streams through out the week on Twitch at

Social Networks

We encourage all our fans to add New Game Plus to their favorite flavours of social networks. Currently we have Facebook, Twitter @NewGamePlusTV and Google+. Our website has also been built on WordPress so you can also login to our website and comment on our articles if you wish. Please also remember to respect our Chat Rules or face the wrath of our Ban Hammers



NG+ Chat Room


The New Game Plus IRC chat room is a place where fans and crew get together and engage in live chat.

If you have your own IRC client like mIRC , Chatzilla or xchat ect.. use the below listed server and channel details

  • IRC Server:
  • Channel: #newgameplus

mIRC hyperlink irc://

For detailed IRC command instructions visit our instructions page.

Please also remember to respect our Chat Rules or face the wrath of our Ban Hammers

If you don’t want to use an IRC client then go to the IRC web interface here and simply log in at

(please note you may need to run your browser in compatibility mode for the web IRC to function correctly)